Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The house of the dead bridegroom

In 1882, two rich Arab catholic families arranged a mariage between their children. The parents built a two-stories house for the new couple. But a duy before the wedding, the bridegroom fell sick and died. Teh parents decided to have the wedding nevertheless and conducted the ceremony with the dead bridegroom and his bride, sitting side by side. After the weding they took the bridegroom to the cemetary and buried him. The house was abandonned till the Turkish authorities in the 1890s decided to transform it to a hospital, and added a new wing and a wall. With the British Mandate the house became the location of the regional health office.


Barbara Rahal said...

whom is dead in there??...why do they called like that?

Esther said...

Oops. It was published before I added the comments. Please see the post itself.

Nani said...

WOW, poor bride, having to sit through the ceremony with her dead groom...Alors tu donnes plus signe de vie? What's up with that???